Dabbers Social Bingo

I don’t know what you imagine at the word ‘bingo’ but I certainly didn’t imagine the fun and funky place that I walked into when I went to Dabbers Social Bingo. Dabbers has a different theme each day of the week, including: ‘Mondays just got less miserable’, Tuesday’s ‘High stakes bingo’, Wednesday’s ‘Bawlers bingo’, and even Saturday’s ‘Dabber’s brunch club’! They also have a few special monthly themes that pop up here and there. I went to Bawlers Bingo, which the website describes as: “expect anything from superb stand up to rowdy musical comedy immersed into your bingo game”. There were, in fact, two comedians there on our night, hosting the event.

But of course, bingo is a hungry business! Therefore, I thought it was important to check out some of their menu nibbles as well. I particularly enjoyed their Mac and Cheese balls. Also, while I didn’t order it myself, I saw an awful lot of mac and cheese walking past me and it looked pretty good! I do have to say that I was a bit disappointed with my Mojito. It just tasted a bit synthetic with no actual mint or anything in it. I think if you are out with friends or colleagues it might be a better shout to order pitchers of beer, which is what I saw a lot of on the night.

The bingo itself was good fun! I do think it could very a lot based on who your callers are for the evening, so I really recommend that you read the descriptions and pick a night that suits you as opposed to just turning up to a random night.

As the numbers were being called, there was good music in the background and if the ball had a disco ball on it, they played out a song and you had to figure out what number was in the song, which I thought was a fun way to mix things up! There are a bunch of coloured boxed sitting on the stage with mysterious prizes inside. I’m not sure if it’s the same for the less comedy based nights, but all of the prizes were fun and silly. The finally big mystery box was pretty cool. Basically, two people had to get a bingo and then they each got given identical boxes. One of them looked into the box, trying not to make any indication of if they liked the prize or not, and then the other person had to decide if they wanted to keep their box or trade boxes. One of the boxes has a good prize, while the other has a much cooler prize. It was quite fun and the whole audience got involved.

There are three rounds of this, with breaks in between. Overall, I thought it was a fun evening! I think it’s pretty much the ideal spot for a group of friends after work to hang out and have fun doing something a bit more exciting than just sitting at the pub! If you’d like to check it out, you can find out more here: https://dabbers.bingo/

*I was invited to try this experience and both my ticket and food were complimentary. However, I pride myself in the honesty of my reviews, and everything I have said are my true feelings.


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