Firebrand Pizza

I recently went to check out Firebrand Pizza for a complimentary meal through Love Popups London. Only a few minute walk from Marylebone station, this lovely little restaurant is super convenient to get to! We first spotted the building from across the street, by the gorgeous fire dancing in the pizza oven! It looked lovely, warm and inviting on a cold night.

To start, I had the burrata with Mediterranean vegetables. I love burrata and half to order it whenever I see it on a menu! It was lovely as always and I liked that it came with vegetables. I often see it with bread, and feel a tad guilty, but with veggies on the plate I felt much better! Lee had the Tuscan sausage and mozzarella bruschetta, which he said reminded him of pasta sauce with a deeper flavour than you would normally find with a traditional bruschetta.

At the back: Tuscan sausage & mozzarella bruschetta
At the front: burrata with Mediterranean vegetables

For mains, we both had to go for pizzas, after seeing that lovely pizza oven! I went for goats cheese, courgette, sweet potatoes, tomato, and mozzarella. I really enjoyed the chargrilled veggies and cheesiness. To be honest, I did wish that the tomato sauce base had been a bit more flavourful but OMG the crust on this pizza was fantastic! I normally leave my pizza crusts, saving room for the middle bits. However, with this pizza, I just had to eat all that yummy crust. It was thin, yet had a great structure because it was super crispy! Lee had the spicy salami, roasted peppers, rocket, parmesan, mozzarella, and tomato pizza and felt the same as me.

At the back: spicy salami, roasted peppers, rocket, parmesan, mozzarella, and tomato pizza
At the front: goats cheese, courgette, sweet potato, mozzarella, and tomato pizza

To top it all off, we had to try out the dessert menu as well! As we couldn’t decide, we shared two: tiramisu (of course!) and chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream. The tiramisu was good. It was quite a cakey one (which Lee liked) and the cream was quite thick. The chocolate fondant was pretty lush and oozed out the moment I dipped in! I definitely enjoyed it!

Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream

Overall, we had a nice evening with good food and a good atmosphere and most importantly, some lovely crunchy pizza crust! Check out their website at:

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